That's a Wrap: 2022

Today will be the final day of our Summer Pop Up for 2022. We would like to thank everyone who visited our physical store, as we celebrated the release of our Spring Summer collection with a public access pop-up atelier – aptly named Bienes. Visitors are invited to stop by and experience the Brie Leon range for themselves.

Brie Leon was founded to create artful, intentionally designed accessories destined to become everyday essentials. Craftsmanship and a curious mindset are fundamental elements of our design process, however it’s no secret that the fashion and textile industry is one of the leading contributors to the global waste crisis. With this in mind, we are taking meaningful and open-minded steps towards a future for our brand where sustainable production and retail shapes our guiding principles.

As realists, we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go. However, we are proud of the progress we have made to date, and the goals we have set for ourselves in the coming year. With our Spring Summer collection, we celebrate an important milestone for Brie Leon: our first collection to consist of over 95 per cent recycled outer materials and linings.

 As with so much creative output, the medium is the message. Our medium this season features a consciously selected edit of fabrications that aim to do less harm to the natural world, including Recycled PU, Recycled Cotton Canvas, Bio-Based Apple Leather and Recycled Nylon.

We are in the process of closing the loop on our production methods and, at present, a portion of our jewellery offering is crafted from recycled brass, 925 silver and solid 14k gold. The benefit of integrating recycled metal is that the material avoids mining practices. By embracing a circular approach to jewellery construction, we are able to limit the introduction of chemicals to landfill that negatively affect soil and groundwater. Each year our recycled offering increases, and our ambition for 2023 is to only offer recycled precious metals. All recycled metals are Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified, and our largest jewellery supplier is similarly in the process of reaching RJC certification. 

Packaging remains a focus this season; we are minimising where possible and actively avoid single-use plastics to freight our jewellery and bags. Instead, we wrap your Brie Leon goods in recyclable kraft card for mailers, un-bleached kraft paper, un-bleached calico jewellery bags, corn-starch polybags and paper gum tape. Samples obtained through our rigorous product vetting process are re-homed to be used and loved as symbols of our collection’s evolution. We are vehemently opposed to discarding or destroying sample products, and we care for our pieces long after they have left our studio. It’s why we’re in the process of formalising a local customer repair service.

 Brie Leon has exciting sustainability actions we are currently undertaking, such as ensuring our e-commerce packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, the integration of post-consumer recycled swing tags and boxes, as well as eco-friendly inks and dyes across our designs.

Physical progress is vital, however we have long-interpreted sustainability as something that extends beyond the product. Rather, it is a standard of practice and care imbued across all facets of our business, from company culture to occupational health and safety – our collections, after all, are only as good as the people behind them. We are proudly female owned, committed to inclusivity, diversity, and respect for people of all genders, races, cultures and sexualities. Each member of the extended Brie Leon team nurtures and promotes an environment of psychological safety.

Brie Leon ultimately views sustainability as an ongoing journey, rather than a fixed destination, so we are tirelessly researching new ways of manufacturing, eco-friendly fabrications and better business practices. A primary goal for the brand in 2023 is increasing transparency across all facets of our business. We look forward to sharing our new milestones with you in 2023. By supporting us, you have helped us support many charities, including The Redfern Foundation, Vinnies Flood Appeal, WAGEC and Worn for Good to name a few. 

 Brie Leon wishes you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoy your holiday break, and if you need any assistance with your orders, we are always available at