BL Holiday Gift Guide - Amelia

In conversation with Brie Leon Handbag & Graphic Designer, Amelia

Brie Leon Gift Guide Amelia


Fondest memory of Summer?

My summers spent in Mollymook as a child. Plus a summer spent in Paris with my partner.


Favourite local haunts for a long lunch?

Il Baretto, Alberto's Lounge, Kindred Restaurant and Continental Deli are the prefect long lunch spots… or just a picnic in Camperdown park.


Above: The Mini Chloe Bag, Black Satin & The Organica Bent Hoop Earrings, Silver


One piece of jewellery you’re living in this summer?

Small earrings like the 925 Pera Drop Earrings during the day and the silver Organica Bent Hoop Earrings at night.


What are you reading/watching over the break?

I always have a couple of books going at once. I’ve just started 'Coventry' by Rachel Cusk and 'Now' by The Invisible Committee. I love reading, especially when on holidays, 'The Age of Reason' by Jean-Paul Sartre is next on my pile of books to start. There's a couple of movies like Holy Mountain, that my partner and I have been saving to watch over the break.


Brie Leon Gift Guide Amelia


Good recipe when hosting?  

I love cooking and throwing dinner parties. One of my favourite things to cook is risotto, it’s such a labour of love. My favourite recipe is the roast eggplant and tomato risotto from Rose Bakery’s cookbook ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Tea’. I also love cooking a creamy polenta dish with mushrooms, it’s so decadent, yet super quick and easy to make.


What are you giving your loved ones?

Ceramic mugs, glassware from Maison Balzac, Poor Tom’s Negroni Mix and some of the new Brie Leon snake-skin bags.


Amelia Brie Leon Gift Guide

Above: photo by @tc___h


What are you keeping for yourself?  

Lesse face mist, Byredo perfume and the new 925 Elle Earrings for Christmas Day.


Thank you Amelia!