Care Guide

Caring for my plated jewellery

To ensure the longevity of your plated jewellery pieces it’s important to care for them. Plated jewellery is delicate and can be prone to fading, scratches and dents. If properly looked after your jewellery can stay in great condition. 

Gold or silver plated jewellery comprises of a base metal material  (e.g. brass, silver, stainless steel) with a thin, even layer of gold or silver plated on top. The layer of gold or silver plating is measured in microns, a micron equalling one millionth of a meter. Our plated jewellery ranges up to 3 microns thick. 

⏤ Remove jewellery before washing your hands 
⏤ Put on your plated jewellery after you have applied your makeup, lotions or perfume
⏤ Remove your plated jewellery before cooking, especially with acidic foods
⏤ Remove your plated jewellery before you shower or swim
⏤ Don’t work out / sweat in plated jewellery 
⏤ Lightly wipe your plated jewellery to clean it, do not rub it!
⏤ Avoid hard, abrasive surfaces that may scratch your jewellery.
⏤ Store your plated jewellery away from direct sunlight, dampness, humid environments or chemicals.

Each person’s skin had a slightly different acidity level. Those with a higher skin acidity level and/or perspiration level may find plated jewellery will fade faster on them. If you find your skin is more acidic and to reduce the chance of your plating fading, we recommend the following steps, 

⏤ Switch up the jewellery you wear each day to ensure its longevity.  
⏤ Be particularly diligent with caring for your jewellery. Don’t wear your plated jewellery in water or whilst exercising and apply makeup/perfume before putting on your jewellery. 
⏤ Choose pieces that won’t rub against your skin, e.g. medium-large sized hoop earrings (like our 925 Elle Stud Earrings) or longer chains (like our Novia Chain Necklace) that will sit over your clothing. Removing any opportunities for the jewellery to rub against your skin. 
⏤ Refrain from wearing plated bracelets, rings or anklets and opt for earrings and necklaces instead.
⏤ We recommend our 925 sterling silver based jewellery as it has the highest micron plating. 

Ensure you apply any make up, sunscreen, lotions and perfume before you put on your plated jewellery. Remove your jewellery before washing your hands, cleaning or cooking. Plated jewellery is very sensitive to chemicals, so properly caring for your jewellery will help the plating to last. 

It is important to remove your jewellery before you shower, or swim in the ocean/pool. This will keep your plated jewellery looking shiny and new for as long as possible. 

Only clean your plated jewellery by lightly wiping it using the cleaning cloth provided. Do not rub your plated jewellery as this will remove the plating. Do not use any jewellery cleaning products as this too will remove the plating. This also applies for any jewellery with pearls or beads. 

Like plated jewellery, pearls, glass beads and gemstones are delicate and need to be cared for properly. We recommend, 

⏤ Avoid hard surface that may chip, scratch or shatter pearls, glass beads and gemstones 
⏤ Avoid chemicals such as cleaning products or perfumes 
⏤ Store your pearl/glass bead/gemstone jewellery away from direct sunlight, dampness, humid environments or chemicals. 
⏤ Lightly wipe your jewellery to clean it, do not rub it!

Brass will naturally patina over time, but we think this is part of its charm. Depending on your skin type, your piece may leave a green tint with wear. We recommend avoiding water, oils and sweat. You're welcome to coat the inside with clear nail-polish for added safeguarding. Polish with you jewellery cloth as much as you desire.

Handbag Care

Caring for your treasured Brie Leon bag will ensure it stays in perfect condition and is enjoyed for seasons to come. It is important to store, handle and wear your Brie Leon bag properly. Please explore the following information to help you care for your bag. 

With the right amount of love and care your Vegan leather bag will last a life time! We recommend the following steps to care for your Vegan Leather bag, 

⏤ Keep your bag away from strong chemicals and anything that may scratch it. 
⏤ Store away from the sun, heat and humidity in a cool, dry place. We recommend storing your bag in its dust bag. 
⏤ Keep your bag sitting upright, refrain from storing your bag hang by its handle as this will stretch the handle out over time. 
⏤ Flat PU is more susceptible to scratches and marks, we highly recommend you keep your flat PU bag away from any rough surfaces/textures that will scratch it and store the bag in its dust bag away from anything that will dent or mark it. 

Whilst vegan leather is generally easier to care for than leather, it is still important to remember that your vegan leather bag is not indestructible. It is important to be mindful of anything that may mark or stain your bag. We recommend the following to clean your vegan leather bag,

⏤ Dust or wipe clean with a damp lint free cloth. Steer clear from any leather care products as our bags are sensitive to oils and waxes. Instead spot clean with warm soapy water. 

⏤  If dust or light dirt is evident, clean with a soft cloth and warm water.

⏤  For embossed or textured surfaces, you can use a dampened toothbrush to gently clean between the grooves.  Take care to avoid the metallic foil logo - the foil won't take kindly to being scrubbed.

⏤  For stubborn marks, add some dish detergent to your cloth or sponge. Avoid using an abrasive cloth or harsh cleaning products as they can damage the surface.

⏤  Eucalyptus oil is the final frontier, if the mark refuses to shift - a small amount on a clean cloth and rubbing gently should yield positive results.  The same goes for the foil here - definitely avoid putting eucalyptus oil on it, as it will be damaged and rub off. 

We recommend you avoid wearing your new light coloured handbag with dark coloured clothing (e.g. dark blue denim) and be mindful storing the bag next to items that may transfer the dyes they hold. 

Raffia comes from a raffia palm tree and can often be confused with straw. Although both are natural products, they are very different in both their origin & attributes. As a natural fibre, Raffia is pliable, strong and extremely durable. However, Raffia has a natural resistance to water but raffia itself is not a waterproof fibre. If raffia becomes water soaked it will lose a considerable amount of body. Caring for raffia is simple but crucial to ensure the longevity of your raffia accessory.

Our satin bags need even more care and consideration than our vegan leather styles. Satin is a woven fabric with a glossy surface, being a woven material it is more susceptible to pulling and tears. Please be especially mindful of wearing the bag with rough textured clothing and/or scraping it against any rough surfaces as this can pull the fabric. Be careful not to stain the bag with food or oil stains as these will be difficult to remove. If the bag does get dirty we recommend talking to your local dry cleaner to see if they are able to spot clean the bag. Store your satin bag in its dust bag to protect it when it’s not in use. 

Resin handbags are delicate, the smooth surface of resin can be easily scratched and the resin may shatter if the bag is dropped. To clean your resin bag/accessories, simply wipe the bag with a lint free cloth.