Spring Summer 2023 Behind the Scenes
Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of our Spring Summer 2023 campaign shoot. With a focus on reigniting Brie Leon's origins and hallmark aesthetics, the shoot encompassed warm tones and earthy textures.
Spring Summer 23'
Brie Leon’s spring summer 2024 season is an ode to our roots. This collection of handbags features quintessential core designs illuminated by warm brushed golds and introduces curated handmade fabrications. The range is set to evoke a sense of calm...
Vacation Edit
Travel essentials: Our guide to versatile & practical handbags and accessories for your European summer vacation.
Autumn Winter 2023: BTS
Inspired by scenes of a warm supper club, we briefed the creative team with imagery of puffy bread shapes, sharp glossy Japanese tiles and fondant flowers. Keeping in mind colour as a major source of inspiration with deep merlot, fuchsia snaps, olive oil and lapis lazuli blue making up this lavish range, here's an inside look at the creative process behind our Autumn Winter 2023 campaign shoot.
Considered Materials
As we progress further into our journey as a company, we'd like to highlight some of our sustainable material choices that we're proud of.
Laptop-Approved Styles
Not your average laptop bag, these are the perfect balance of fashion and functionality.
IWD: The Women of Brie Leon
To celebrate International Women's Day, we are delighted to introduce some of the all-female team members who make up Brie Leon. On a summer day in Newtown, we followed the team as they strolled down South King Street, which is home to both our showroom and office.
Mood board: Autumn Winter 23
The concept of colour was the source of inspiration with deep merlot, fuchsia dragon snaps, olive oil and lapis lazuli blue making up this lavish range. The mood of the collection is inspired by a Fijian holiday in winter. With puffy bread, sharp glossy Japanese tiles and fondant flowers inspiring padded knots, semi-patent fabrications and feminine floral motifs. 
Daily Transit
Whether you're heading to work, running errands, or meeting friends for lunch, these pieces will help you carry your essentials in style. Functional and stylish, with pockets and compartments for your phone, keys, makeup, and more, they are great for organising your belongings for the day.
That's a Wrap: 2022
Today will be the final day of our Summer Pop Up for 2022. We would like to thank everyone who visited our physical store, as we celebrated the release of our Spring Summer collection with a public access...
Meet La Nipotina

Danielle Barber could possibly be Sydney’s hottest new caterer. For Danielle, cooking is the art of turning simple, mostly plant based ingredients into delicious dishes. Through an ingrained loyalty to her Italian history La Nipotina...

Community: Inner West Local Guide
Finished checking out the Bienes store? Well, Newtown and Enmore are full of things to do, haunts to shop and places to eat and drink. Many of which are within walking distance of Bienes. Brie Leon has compiled a short list,...
Holiday Horoscopes
What does the Cosmos hold for you this summer? Well, Art Psychotherapist & Astrologer Em McElroy is here to let you know. We asked Em to deep dive into what each sign can expect this summer for our recently published,...
Summer Staples
It's time to embrace the longer summer days. These polished pieces propose a look with an understated beauty, blending seamlessly into your daily life and rituals. With a fusion of beauty and functionality, these styles are designed to fit any wardrobe and suit any activity....
Q&A with BL Designer, Pixie
We spoke with Brie Leon handbag and accessories designer, Pixie. In this interview, we cover everything from her inspirations for this season, to Brie Leon's sustainability message and her favourite pieces from this collection.
Bienes Summer Pop Up
Brie Leon is proud of the calibre of product we offer our customers. However, we are equally proud of the passionate and creative community we have cultivated over the years. A brand is only as fruitful as the people behind...
Summer Pairings
We asked the Brie Leon Team how they would be pairing their SS22/23 products this summer...
Friends of BL: Romy Safiyah
This week we chatted with stylist, Romy Safiyah. Romy is the passionate stylist behind a number of fashion campaigns and runway shows for some pretty big names. Transcending trends, Romy carries a distinctive feel to her projects, creating elegant, nuanced work. ...
Spring Summer 2022/23
The Spring Summer 2023 Collection encompasses the essence of a nostalgic summer. With influences of nineties romanticism, the collection focuses on textural inspiration from, melted bricks and earth wood. There fined handbags are a cohesive blend of soft organic shapes...
A Day at the Markets: Check Straw Bag
Introducing the new brand Walnut colour-way in our Check Straw Bag silhouette. This versatile beach bag perfectly fits everything you need. Great for carrying produce from the farmers markets, ideal beach bag or for getting those extra items to work. Above: The...
Phoebe Cutler x Brie Leon
Introducing our brand’s first ever collaboration with celebrated Sydney-based jeweller and artist, Phoebe Cutler. Sculptural yet versatile, Phoebe’s designs comprise of precious and semi-precious materials, based on motifs inspired by antique and vintage jewellery. We couldn’t be more thrilled to...