BL Holiday Gift Guide - Janine

In conversation with Brie Leon Founder & Director, Janine

Brie Leon Gift Guide - Janine

Above: the 925 Saint Christopher Pendant Necklace, Gold


Fondest memory of Summer?

Childhood nostalgia of our backyard sprinkler and everlasting memories of summers in Spain - sun baking, siesta, late night dinning, dancing till dawn.


Favourite local haunts for a long lunch?

Sean's Panorama would have to be favourite but when staying real local Bella Brutta - perfect combination for good wine and pizza


One piece of jewellery you’re living in this summer?

925 Micro Sleepers - they stay in my second ear piercings which allows me to change my main earrings depending on what I’m up to that day.


Brie Leon Gift Guide - Janine

Above: the Ranura Ring (Unisex), Brass, the Twist Knot Ring, Gold & the Dita Ring, Gold


What are you reading/watching over the break?

Further entertaining my curiosity for Astrology with ‘You Were Born for This’ by Chani Nicholas. Also have The Rumi Prescription I’m looking forward to.


Good recipe when hosting?  

Lay around the base of a plate a thinly sliced peach along with a few leaves of basil, a good burrata (must be the oozy type) as the center piece, then lightly dress with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic dressing and pink salt. So easy, great table attraction and most importantly absolutely delicious.


Left: the 925 Micro Sleeper Earrings, Gold and 925 Organica Sleeper Earrings, Gold. Right: the Ranura Cuff (unisex), Brass, the Ranura Ring (Unisex), Brass, the Twist Knot Ring, Gold & the Dita Ring, Gold


What are you giving your loved ones?

From BL I would have to say either something from the Unisex Collection - Brass jewellery is fitting for all genders and can also act as a sentimental gift offering. Or the 925 Saint Christoper Pendant - a lot of us are keen on traveling right now, whether it’s within our country or looking forward to the day we can head abroad, those who wear a Saint Christopher medal are welcoming protection and blessing and on their travels.

I’m a huge advocate for gifting experiences, whether it’s a weekend away camping, a ceramics or painting class or even to a yoga studio pass. Also, support by donation on behalf of someone, the gift of giving further towards organisations who assist those in need is extremely important to me this time of year especially. Oh and can’t go wrong with a bottle of natty from PV Merchants!


What are you keeping for yourself?

I’m in love with our Neeva triple drop earrings, will definitely be owning them this summer! Would love to expand my collection of art and sculptures which also makes me happy.


Thank you Janine!