Friend's of Brie Leon - Anna Pogossova

In conversation with Photographer Anna Pogossova

Friends of BL - Anna

Left: The Mini Chloe Bag, Black Matte Croc. Right: The 925 Fresh Pearl Pendant, Gold & the Mini Amar Chain Necklace, Gold.


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a still-life photographer and artist. My typical day is quite varied, which is one of the fun things about my work. When I’m not on set shooting or having creative meetings, I’m working on personal projects in my studio, sourcing or making objects, conceptualising future shoots, watching hours of tv shows while editing, and going to sculpture classes. I need a lot of stimuli to get my brain ticking over, and to stay inspired, so in my down time I visit galleries, watch a lot of films, and dabble in Virtual Reality. What I should be doing, however, is my tax, and regular exercise.


How did you start your business?

I feel like my work journey was quite linear. I was an arty kid, who loved creating images in any and all mediums for as long as I can remember. I went on to study Fine Arts Photomedia, and after graduation, I worked in magazine publishing houses and as a photo researcher. I had always wanted to assist an established photographer, but it was pretty tricky at the time to get into it, as a female. It felt like a huge disadvantage at the time, and in terms of technical lighting skills, I was trailing way behind my male peers, who had been assisting some of the bigger fashion photographers, but the upside was that I always had my own identity and style; I just had to learn the rest on the job.Instead of assisting, I worked in-house a photographer and focused on shooting my own projects in any spare time that I had left, to build up a portfolio of work. I worked day and night for a few years, but when I finally felt ready, I started approaching agents, got representation, and officially began a career under my own name.


CZ redondo pillar earrings gold / black

Above: the 925 Row Sleeper Earrings, Gold & the 925 CZ Redondo Pillar Earrings, Gold/Black.


What was some advice you wish you were given when starting out?

Don’t be scared to ask for help. Reach out to someone you admire in your industry. Can be terrifying at first, but I promise the outcome is always positive, even if the immediate answer might not be an instant job offer or representation, you will usually get some much needed feedback and, more often than not, be pointed in the direction of another valuable contact. I had a lot of misconceptions, starting out, that you had to be a hustler to get your foot in the door, but in reality, I made some very genuine and organic connections with people, who introduced me to other creatives, and helped me immensely. I am so grateful to have had the leg-up, and strive to pay it forward. 


What’s your favourite Brie Leon piece?

The Camille and the Mini Chloe. I love how sculptural they are, especially the arched strap, which speaks to my most favourite eras in fashion - the late 1990’s or very early 00’s, which, by the way, I adore in a completely earnest, unironic way, and a little of the 1960’s retro futurism. In the late 90’s, I was in high-school and sort of just discovering, and awkwardly experimenting with fashion, Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker was my style hero, and all my dream handbags looked just like the Camille.


The Mini Chloe Black Matte Croc

Left: the 925 Fresh Pearl Pendant, Gold & the Mini Amar Chain Necklace, Gold. Right: The Mini Chloe Bag, Black Matte Croc.


How do you approach your personal style?

My personal style is very much in conversation with my surrounding, my interests, and even my photography; art imitates life, and vice versa. I don’t go for the classic, understated things as much as I do for the fun ones.My wardrobe comprises of local brands, run by friends, or ones that I have collaborated with, and I also collect early 2000’s runway looks.  Nothing dry-clean only, uncomfortable, or serious. Everything is to be enjoyed, worn and loved.


What are you reading, listening to and watching at the moment?

I should really read more. It used to be a really good habit (and passion) of mine, to read every day, but I haven’t hit it off with any books in a while, even the ones everyone loves at the moment. Open to recommendations! I’m watching: Everything. Literally. Some notable highlights include: Masterclass videos from famous directors and writers, The Great, Love Life, Normal People, The Deuce, Westworld, Counterpart, What We Do In The Shadows (obsessed with anything by Taika Waititi).I’m listening to: On Some Faraway Beach by Brian Eno, on repeat forever.


The Mini Chloe Black Matte Croc

Above: The Mini Chloe Bag, Black Matte Croc.

What’s something exciting that’s coming up in the next couple of months?

I’m currently in a group show titled, Intimacy, available to view online and by appointment through Jerico Contemporary until August 15th. I also have an online solo exhibition coming up in September, through the same gallery.


Thank you Anna! @annapogossova