Friends of Brie Leon - Cassidy Morris

In conversation with Cassidy Morris


cassidy morris

Above: the Camille Bag, Mocha Oily Croc


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am currently working on two business ventures that I cannot wait to share with everyone! So stay tuned, But a typical day for me is; starting my day with a coffee in bed with my partner and cuddles with our puppy Chester. Then a quick walk to the park for Chester, depending on what time I have meetings/ conference calls overseas, I will do a workout, I am loving StudioBox and Core Collective Pilates. Then most of my day goes into work. My days are so different so quite hard to put together, hope this give a slight idea!


How did you start your business?

I feel like I am still at the start, but I have been brainstorming these ideas for a few years now, & finally decided it was time to stop brainstorming and just do it.


What was some advice you wish you were given when starting out?

The idea comes first, the passion comes second. Not sure if this is the same for everyone, but I have always said "I need to find something I am passionate about" I soon realised you can't instantly be passionate about something that doesn't exist yet. Once your idea starts becoming a reality, that's when I found my passion.


What’s your favourite Brie Leon piece and why?

I have to pick two pieces haha. I just adore my "Camille Bag" in Croc. I love dressing it up for dinners. My partner also gifted me the "Micro Sleeper Earrings" for my birthday and I never take them out. They are just the perfect earrings for every day, so timeless.


How do you approach your personal style?

I see my personal style as a minimal colour palette, edgy but soft and always comfortable. I notice I always reach for the comfiest clothes in my closet so now that's just how I shop.


What are you reading, listening to and watching at the moment?

I have just started watching "Suits" from the very beginning and I am so excited!! I have only ever watched one or two episodes so experiencing for the first time. This will be the second time for my partner Luke.


What’s something exciting that’s coming up in the next couple of months?

The two business ventures I am currently working on for sure, I cannot wait to share them with everyone, hopefully very soon. 


Thank you Cassidy! @cassidymorris