Friends of Brie Leon - Dionne Kaliisa

In conversation with Content Creator Dionne Kaliisa


 Above: the Chloe Bag, Bone Oily Croc


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a full time mum and content creator. My typical day usually starts of with me getting my self and my daughter ready for the school run. Once I return back home I go through my emails and then I plan and shoot content. In the late afternoon I collect my daughter from school, then  once we get home we do some reading before I make dinner. Then once dinner is made we some home work and then I get my daughter ready for bed after dinner. Once she’s a sleep, I have some me time. I like to read or watch my favourite shows on Netflix during they time. I like to do a night time skin care routine and then have a cup of green tea, then it’s off to bed.


What was some advice you wish you were given when starting out?

Some advice I wish I received when I first started creating content on Instagram is don't be afraid of trying new things. I think as creators we are always evolving and growing as people, so i think it’s ok to try something new. It can be scary trying something different because of the fear that your Instagram followers may not like it. But I think it’s important to create content for yourself first, so if you want to try something new just go for it. 




How do you approach your personal style?

When it comes to my personal style I would say that my style is minimal. I’m a big fan of basics as I feel you can always mix and match them to create a variety of outfits.


What are you reading, listening to and watching at the moment?

What I am reading at the moment is what I know for sure my Oprah Winfrey. I feel this book is such a grate reminder to stay grateful even in the little things.



 Above: the Chloe Bag, Bone Oily Croc


What’s something exciting that’s coming up in the next couple of months?

Something that’s exciting that’s coming up for me in the next few weeks is I will be traveling for the first time since the lock-down. I love to travel so I am super excited


Thank you Dionne! @dionnekaliisa