Friend's of Brie Leon - Ryan Lopes

In conversation with Creative Director - Ryan Lopes

Ryan Lopes Interview

Above: The Abuelo Signet Ring Gold, Ranura Ring (Unisex) Gold & the 925 Rectangle Pendant Necklace Gold


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am content creator and creative director primarily through freelance, for brands. A typical day for me looks like micromanaging the first half with emails and project proposals and then incorporating the rest of my day to be visually productive (creating content, documenting) and taking care of myself.


What was some advice you wish you were given when starting out?

That I can be and do as I want to. Understanding what it is that you love and why will lead to fruitful opportunities and endless gratitude. Everything else falls into place after.


Ryan Lopes Interview Friend's of Brie Leon

Above: The 925 Rectangle Pendant Necklace Gold


What’s your favourite Brie Leon piece (and why)?

I’m really loving the timeless pieces that were recently dropped like the formal gold pendants, band, and signet rings too. They always remind me of my family’s early style.


How do you approach your personal style?

I’m always trying to approach my style humbly and directly— I love timeless profiles and lots of black and white right now. A really good pair of made trousers and a white button up is perfect.


Ryan Lopes Interview Friend's of Brie Leon

Above: The Mini Abuelo Chain Necklace Gold  & Mini Bucket Bag Black (now sold out)


What are you reading, listening to and watching at the moment?

Always doing research on production in the 80s and 90s. In spaces, entertainment, music and fashion. Not so many books these days. Listening to lots of 90s Soul, New Jack Swing. Binging on cassette tapes.


What’s something exciting that’s coming up for you in the next couple of weeks?

I have a shoot coming up with some friends who I’ve been dreaming to work with. It’s going to be so fun!


Ryan Lopes Interview

Left: The Mini Bucket Bag (now sold out) Right: The Mini Abuelo Chain Necklace Gold


Thank you Ryan! @rylopes