Phoebe Cutler x Brie Leon

Introducing our brand’s first ever collaboration with celebrated Sydney-based jeweller and artist, Phoebe Cutler. Sculptural yet versatile, Phoebe’s designs comprise of precious and semi-precious materials, based on motifs inspired by antique and vintage jewellery. We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Phoebe and chatted with her further to delve into her previous works and the inspiration behind our upcoming collection:



When did you start designing jewellery?

I started making jewellery in 2017 as I was really interested in how it works and all the different techniques. Fast forward to today and I’m still doing it! 


How do you approach your personal style?

I think I’m really interested in process and technique from antique jewellery, from hand carving to different settings and motifs. My granny has also always had the most amazing collection of jewels that she wears everyday so I always inspired by that. I think the idea of future heirlooms really resonate with me as these pieces will hopefully be handed done to children and friends.




What inspired you to design this collection?

This collection was inspired by vintage jewellery and lots of nostalgia! I wanted to keep the pieces easy to wear and simple enough to become everyday pieces but have a different spin on them. 

From the types of star settings to the choice of a Figaro chain I wanted to keep elements of classic jewellery to create a nice contrast between the styles!


What’s your favourite piece from the collaboration?

My favourite piece is the 925 Star Burst Hoop Earrings and also the 925 Star Burst Ring! I can wear them always! 



Brie Leon x Phoebe Cutler collection will be released on Tuesday, 5th April at 10AM.