We want you to get the most out of your rings, which means finding the perfect size. Use our practical guide below to discover endless ring stacking opportunities and hand adornments.

All Brie Leon rings are sized according to the US system. If you know your ring size using another method, view the conversion chart below to find your US size.

Feel free to reach out to our team via and we will help you find the best fit.


US / Brie Leon

Circumference (mm)

Ring Diameter (mm) UK/AUS European Japan
3 44.21 14.1 F 1/2 44 4.25
4 46.75 14.88 H 1/2 46.5 6.5
5 49.32 15.7 J 1/2 48.5 9.25
6 51.87 16.51 L 1/2 51 11.75
7 54.41 17.32 N 1/2 55 13.75
8 56.99 18.14 P 1/2 57 16.25
9 59.53 18.95 R 1/2 59 18.75


  1. Wrap a thin strip of paper or piece of string around the base your chosen finger. Avoid wrapping too tightly to ensure it can slip over the knuckle.
  2. Mark where the ends of the paper or string overlap.
  3. Measure from the end to the mark in millimetres.
  4. Use this measurement against the conversion chart above to find your corresponding ring size.
  5. Repeat for each finger you wish to dress with Brie Leon rings, and explore our latest ring designs.


Be mindful of how the ring might slip over your knuckles, as well as the difference in size between each finger. A ring that fits your middle finger on your dominant hand may not fit the same finger on your other hand, so we recommend measuring each finger and considering where you'd prefer to wear your chosen ring.

If you try on your Brie Leon ring and it gets stuck, don't stress. First, stretch your hand to ensure adequate blood flow, before trying to get the ring off under running water. For added slip, use hand soap and gently rock the ring back and forth while pulling it over your knuckles. 

If you're between sizes, we recommend selecting the larger size as our fingers tend to swell throughout the day or in warmer weather.


To get the most out of your rings, be mindful that gold plating will wear over time. Avoid contact with water and other chemicals, removing your rings while washing your hands, swimming, applying makeup or lotions and showering.

The chemistry of our skin can accelerate the erosion process, as our pH level varies from person to person. After wear, give your ring a gentle wipe with your Brie Leon branded polishing cloth or a lint-free fabric to remove any skin oils and sweat. 

Store your gold plated pieces away from moisture, humidity, abrasive surfaces and direct sunlight.


If your ring isn't the right fit, we will accept returns up to 14 days after purchase. Read our full returns policy to learn more.