This Earth Day, we are renewing our commitment to a lesser impact.

Brie Leon works on a slow fashion basis, taking only what we need and leaving as little behind as possible. 

As makers, we are well aware of the impact we have on our surroundings. All of our practices are a fine art, balancing input with output and need with desire. Our ethical mind is always set on the long-term and we are continually making steps that will benefit people and the planet into the future.

Continue reading to learn about the nuances of our commitment, and where to from here.

Brie Leon Sustainability



We are committed to reducing our impact at each stage of our supply chain. For this reasons, we produce in limited batches to ensure you have an exclusive, durable style and we aren't retaining excess goods.

From product to packaging, we are eliminating the use of plastic wherever possible. Plastic does not biodegrade, making it one of the most harmful polluters, degrading natural environments and causing harm to live ecosystems. We partner with Recycle Smart to transparently manage all soft plastic recycling, accumulated through the packaging of jewellery and incidental office waste. All hard plastics are managed through the Local Council network.

Our entire offering is crafted from recycled materials, ensuring what we have is kept in circulation for as long as possible.

All of our jewellery production is Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified, recognising the care taken in reusing existing metals and avoiding conflict areas. Our range includes post-consumer recycled 14k solid gold, 18k gold plating and 925 sterling silver, which are all hypo-allergenic materials that can be reused eternally without affecting the integrity of the metal. 




Education is an integral component of sustainability, and we are constantly learning more to assist our ethical journey and social performance as a fashion creator.

Our suppliers, employees and brand partners are carefully selected to ensure we are aligned on our most core values. As we work towards a waste-free future, we understand that the buck ultimately stops with us and we are accountable for all brand operations.

Community is a notion central to our brand, as it's the people around us who make us who we are. We regularly partner with local social enterprises, catering to different facets of society. From climate change, natural disasters and environment preservation to crisis centres, domestic violence and international aid, we focus our efforts where they are most important to our community at that point in time. If there is a particular charity close to your heart, please feel free to reach out to us.

In Q1 2024, we have donated time and goods to Worn For Good and Thread Together. Both organisations donate profits to grassroots charities, serving underprivileged demographics. Currently, Worn For Good is partnered with Share the Dignity, providing hygiene support to those in need and end period poverty across Australia. Thread Together diverts apparel waste from landfill and provides aid to various charitable organisations, both social and environmental.

With responsible production comes an expectation of responsible consumption. We ask that all of our wearers honour our intentions by making considered purchases and using their Brie Leon styles indefinitely.


Apple Leather | Brie Leon Sustainability


We do not use genuine leather or animal hide in any of our designs. This was a deliberate decision to disengage with products derived from animal farming. 

While alternative leather textiles do not biodegrade, we avoid all virgin plastic-based materials and instead ethically source pre-existing options. All certified PU used in Brie Leon products is created from post-consumer and industrial recyclables.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our brand, evident in our unconventional use of bio-materials. We have two collections of bio-based handbags crafted from apple skins and corn husks. These textiles take readily available natural materials that are non-food grade, meaning they don't compete with human or animal eco-systems. 

All of our alternative leathers are carefully crafted to closely resemble genuine options, ensuring accurate textural elements and overall durability. 



Join the collective push for a more ethical future by signing Earth Day's petition for a Global Plastics Treaty here.