BL Holiday Gift Guide - Hannah

In conversation with Brie Leon Sales Coordinator, Hannah

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Amelia

In conversation with Brie Leon Handbag & Graphic Designer, Amelia 

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Rachel

In conversation with Brie Leon Content & E-com Coordinator, Rachel

Friend's of Brie Leon - Ryan Lopes
I am content creator and creative director primarily through freelance, for brands. A typical day for me looks like micromanaging the first half with emails and project proposals and then incorporating the rest of my day to be visually productive (creating content, documenting) and taking care of myself...
Friend's of Brie Leon - Scarlett Stevens

I play drums and sing in San Cisco and I sometimes DJ under the name Beryl Streep. I don’t have a typical work schedule however the band keeps me mostly busy. There’s usually quite intense periods of touring, recording, rehearsing, followed by periods of downtime where it’s really quiet and I have a lot of free time to spend at home.

Friend's of Brie Leon - Hannah Poethke
I am currently a full time uni student doing a Bachelor of Nursing! Most days include some type of uni work along with lots of coffee, a long walk, content creating, cooking and/or baking and spending time with my partner.
Friend's of Brie Leon - Anna Pogossova
I am a still-life photographer and artist. My typical day is quite varied, which is one of the fun things about my work. When I’m not on set shooting or having creative meetings, I’m working on personal projects in my studio, sourcing or making objects, conceptualising future shoots, watching hours of tv shows while editing, and going to sculpture classes. I need a lot of stimuli to get my brain ticking over, and to stay inspired, so in my down time I visit galleries, watch a lot of films, and dabble in Virtual Reality. What I should be doing, however, is my tax, and regular exercise.
Friend's of Brie Leon - Georgah Crane

In conversation with Model & Bee Keeper Georgah Crane | What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I make a coffee and then get back into bed to wake up slowly whilst catching up on everything.

Friend's of Brie Leon - Amber Baker
I'm the Editor of Remix Magazine, so a typical day at work might involve interviewing someone for a feature, directing a fashion shoot, or just trying to catch up on the trillions of emails.
Friend's of Brie Leon - Ashleigh Brooksbank
I’m a freelance photographer. My partner and I have spent the last year building our business called Sapphire Studios which is focused on wedding photography & videography. We also shoot a bunch of content for businesses and campaign work. I would say most days are quite different, but they always start with a strong coffee and some good music...