In conversation with florist, Seamus Phelan of FoMS Above: 925 Square Pendant Necklace   Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you? A typical day for FoMS is a very early 4am start. Phoebe (aka Phoebe...
Friends of Brie Leon - Sienna Kitchener
In conversation with creative, Sienna Kitchener   Above: Uma Drop Sleeper Earrings   Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you? I am a photographer and videographer! I shoot for the lovers, the mothers...
Friends of Brie Leon - Amy Dowdle
In conversation with musician, Amy Dowdle from Lastlings   Above: Frida Drop Earrings, Mini Abuelo Chain Necklace   Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you? I am in a band called Lastlings...
Friends of Brie Leon - Jess Cochrane
I’m a visual artist. I work from my home studio in South London with my two rather useless studio assistants, Noodle the cat and Pig the Dog. A typical day for me these days consists of waking up and having a coffee downstairs with my partner, Ben, replying to emails and making to do lists...
Friends of Brie Leon - Holly Sarah Burgess
I am a freelance photographer. My days vary a lot which keeps me on my toes. If I am not in the studio shooting or on location I will be at home editing and doing emails. I am lucky to have a mixture high energy days on set with other creatives, and low energy days editing by myself at home. I find balance in my schedule by going on coffee dates with my friends.
Friends of Brie Leon - Cassidy Morris
I am currently working on two business ventures that I cannot wait to share with everyone! So stay tuned, But a typical day for me is; starting my day with a coffee in bed with my partner and cuddles with our puppy Chester. Then a quick walk to the park for Chester, depending on what time I have meetings/ conference calls overseas, I will do a workout, I am loving StudioBox and Core Collective Pilates. Then most of my day goes into work. My days are so different so quite hard to put together, hope this give a slight idea!
Friends of Brie Leon - Margie Cooney
I am a writer and a stylist, formerly at a magazine but recently freelance. Right now, a typical day doesn’t really exist for me, which is exciting and exhausting. Sometimes I spend my days writing for brands or media. Other times I’ll be focused on planning and sourcing clothes for a photoshoot...
Friends of Brie Leon - Dionne Kaliisa
I am a full time mum and content creator. My typical day usually starts of with me getting my self and my daughter ready for the school run. Once I return back home I go through my emails and then I plan and shoot content. In the late afternoon I collect my daughter from school, then once we get home we do some reading before I make dinner. Then once dinner is made we some home work and then I get my daughter ready for bed after dinner...
Friends of Brie Leon - Shakirra Rees

I work casually, but I’m aiming towards working full time creatively. I’m a photographer and mixed media artist focusing on fashion illustration, and textile art. A typical day would be wake up early, coffee and gym/workout if I have time! I like to make sure I get out of the house for at least half an hour before I start my day. And then I might get into replying to emails, do some drawing whilst listening to music, clean the house, make food and end the day with a nice dinner or drink at a bar with friends!

Friends of Brie Leon - Jo Rosenthal
I’m a writer and artist to most, and singer/songwriter to those closest to me. My day is a lot of running around, and staggering meetings with snacking.
Friends of Brie Leon - Yasmin Suteja
I’m a freelance photographer and director. As well as the founder and director of Culture Machine, a Sydney-based production company, talent agency and photography studio in Marrickville.
Friends of Brie Leon - Laura Vince
I run my own fashion brand, Stone, which is an online based women's wear brand.  Everyday looks different, it can involve a day of designing, reaching out to stylists, photo shoots, packing orders, running social media ads or receiving new samples from my pattern makers (which is my favourite part).
BL Holiday Gift Guide - Janine

In conversation with Brie Leon Founder & Director, Janine

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Bernie

In conversation with Brie Leon Warehouse Coordinator, Bernie

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Tulla

In conversation with Brie Leon Jewellery Designer, Tulla

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Hannah

In conversation with Brie Leon Sales Coordinator, Hannah

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Amelia

In conversation with Brie Leon Handbag & Graphic Designer, Amelia 

BL Holiday Gift Guide - Rachel

In conversation with Brie Leon Content & E-com Coordinator, Rachel

Friend's of Brie Leon - Ryan Lopes
I am content creator and creative director primarily through freelance, for brands. A typical day for me looks like micromanaging the first half with emails and project proposals and then incorporating the rest of my day to be visually productive (creating content, documenting) and taking care of myself...
Friend's of Brie Leon - Scarlett Stevens

I play drums and sing in San Cisco and I sometimes DJ under the name Beryl Streep. I don’t have a typical work schedule however the band keeps me mostly busy. There’s usually quite intense periods of touring, recording, rehearsing, followed by periods of downtime where it’s really quiet and I have a lot of free time to spend at home.

Friend's of Brie Leon - Hannah Poethke
I am currently a full time uni student doing a Bachelor of Nursing! Most days include some type of uni work along with lots of coffee, a long walk, content creating, cooking and/or baking and spending time with my partner.